Il CIVI – Italia (Centro Interprofessionale per le attivitŕ vivaistiche) č il consorzio nazionale tra associazioni vivaistiche ed unioni dei produttori. Il CIVI-Italia, č stato riconosciuto dal Ministero delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali con DM 2 dicembre 1993, quale unico organismo nazionale a rappresentare il settore vivaistico organizzato nazionale nel settore delle piante da frutto, olivo, agrumi e fragola per la promozione ed attuazione dei programmi di certificazione genetico-sanitaria del materiale di propagazione vegetale delle suddette specie in Italia.

Certification programme in Italy implemented under the coordination and control of the Ministry and Regional Phytosanitary Services in strong cooperation with the nursery sect

The tasks entrusted by the Ministry to CIVI-Italia is as follows of DM 04/05/2006:

  • to ensure full support to CNC’s activities
  • to ensure the connection among different Institutions and partners involved in the caertification programme
  • to hold the production and the management of certified-labels based on the instructions issued by Regional Phytosanitary Services
  • to fund the certification system by withdrawing a percentage amount from the labels then distributing to all the subjects joining the programme

Steps and certification of plantCARTELLINO CERTIFICATO (DM 04/05/2006)


CIVI – Italia

The inter-professional centre for nursery activities

Civi-Italia - Ministero per le politiche agricole

is the national consortium among nursery groups and growers’ union associations The main statutary task is to enhance nursery production in order to qualify vegetable, fruit, olive and citrus yields CIVI-Italia is officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture with a ministry decree issued on December 2nd, 1993, as the exclusive national association to represent the nursery sector for promoting and carrying out the plant propagating certification programme in Italy.